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From your parts or ideas, we can reverse engineer, create or modify designs, produce CAD files and paper drawings. To aid in our design work, we use the latest versions of AutoCAD for 2-D layouts and SolidWorks for 3-D modelling. We use ProNest to create cut files for our WaterJet and laser cutters; Mastercam is used to program the CNC machine tools.



laser We have a Wysong 1025 Mechanical Shear with a 1/4" x 10'-0" capacity that is a workhorse for square and rectangular profiles. We also have a small Gatti Shear.


We have (2) manual Hyd-Mech S-20 scissor style bandsaws for everyday material cutting and (2) Hyd-Mech auto-saws for high volume production. We also have vertical bandsaws and friction saws that we use when appropriate.

The Hyd-Mech S-20A automatic scissor style bandsaw features a swing head design and provides exceptional miter cutting capability. Its NC control allows us to set up a program, load the material, and let the saw automatically feed and cut accurate parts.

The Hyd-Mech H-11A automatic horizontal bandsaw also has an NC control to allow us to program, load the material, and then automatically feed and cut accurate parts. This saw is only designed for, and excels at, making straight and square cuts.


Geka Ironworker

This machine is used for shearing round bars, flat bars, and structural shapes. We also use it to punch holes when a job requires it.

Laser Cutters

Our Mitsubishi 3015 LVPlus has a 4000 watt 40 CFX resonator that we use to cut up to 3/4" thick steel plate and can attain cutting speeds of up to 400 inches per minute. This laser handles sheets up to 60” x 120”.

laser cutters
In November of 2015, we added an 8000 watt Trumpf TruLaser 5030 Fiber. This machine can attain cut speeds over 2,000 inches per minute in thin materials but is also rated to cut up to 1-1/2” stainless steel, 1”+ carbon steel, 1” aluminum, plus 3/8” brass and copper. This machine also handles sheets up to 60” x 120”.

laser cutters

Mitsubishi Suprema WaterJet

The Suprema WaterJet will cleanly and accurately cut virtually any material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Plastic, Rubber, Foam, Stone, Glass, and more. With the DX612 we can handle 72" X 144" sheets in thicknesses up to 6". Intelligent Taper Control yields extremely square cuts. Mitsubishi Suprema WaterJet


We have (3) conventional Bridgeport vertical mills and (1) horizontal mill. These get used for a lot of jobs in our shop.

Our Hurco VMX50 is a heavy-duty, high-performance CNC machining center with 50”x26”x24” travel. There isn't much the VMX50 can't handle.

Our Haas VF-11 provides an impressive 120”x40”x30” travel in a versatile CNC vertical machining center. This allows us to machine larger parts in a single setup.

We also have (2) older Bridgeport CNC mills for running additional production parts when required.


We have (6) manual lathes with a variety of chucks and capacities, so we usually have a good option for working with your parts. Our largest lathe is a Morando Torino which allows us to machine parts that are up to 36” diameter or 12 foot in length.

We have a ProtoTRAK prototyping lathe that combines a traditional lathe chassis and control knobs with an optional CNC control. This machines provides an operator interface similar to a traditional lathe, but also makes it more efficient to make a production run of detailed parts while making it easier for the operator to control the process than in a conventional CNC.

The Haas SL-30T CNC Lathe gets a work out making pipe fittings.

We have (3) Okuma SpaceTurn LB 3000EX CNC lathes. (2) have a Z-axis and live tooling allowing us to put machined features on that would normally require a mill. These highly flexible machines can quickly make a wide range of high precision and high volume parts.



Our Cincinnati CB II Press Brake has a 40” CNC programmable back gauge with adjustable stops. This simplifies setup and provides good accuracy and repeatability. With the 175-ton capacity, we can bend 10’ long sections of 1/4" thick material.

forming - Bending
Our Trumpf TruBend 5130(X) is a state-of-the-art, 146-ton capacity CNC press brake. It has a very versatile 6-axis backgage, a 127” long die bed, a 17-1/2” stroke, and flexible WILA tooling. This allows easier setup for a wide range of bent parts.

forming - Bending
We also have a Di-Acro power bender that works well for putting radiused bends in smaller rod and bar materials.


We have plate rolls from Wysong (6” Ø x 5’ wide) and Pexto (3” Ø x 4’ wide). We also have WDM and Roundo angle rolls.


Motoman ArcWorld II200 Workcell

Miller PerformArc 750s

Miller Welders

The dual-station Motoman Arc World II-200 robotic welder easily handles small-to-medium sized parts and quick tooling changes. Two stationary tables provide the positioning for parts. This dual station robotic welding cell has a two station rotary table that simplifies part changes, protects the operator, and takes full advantage of the robot’s range of motion. We have several Miller Millermatic MIG welders and Synchrowave TIG/ Stick welding units to allow welding a wide range of materials, thicknesses, and processes.
welding - Motoman ArcWorld II200 Workcell
welding - Miller PerformArc 750s
Miller Welders

Spot Welders

We have two spot welders that allow us to connect thinner materials without adding filler material.

Blasting and Painting


We have a Pangborn mechanized rotary blaster that we use for many of our smaller steel production parts.

Blasting and Painting - Pangborn

Blast Room

We have a blast room with a media recovery and re-use system that we use only for non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel and copper.

Blasting and Painting - Blast Room

Blast Cabinets

We have several small hand operated blast cabinets with different blast media for smaller specialty parts and different finishes.

Paint Room

We have a 14’x40’ paint room with a 10’ wide door that we use to apply industrial coatings to parts. We are not a paint shop, but we can and do apply protective coatings.

Paint Room

Other Services

Gas Cylinder Exchange

We have gas cylinders for torches, welders, and some specialty applications that we use for our processes. We can exchange these full tanks with your equivalent tanks for the price of the gas or sell you a new, full tank.

Material Sales

We would be glad to sell you our stock material in full lengths or cut-to-length. We can also order you material that we do not stock from one of our many suppliers and often can have it within a few days.

Large format drawing scanning and copying

We have a TerioStar SII LP-1030 black and white laser plotter with a scanner for scanning and copying papers up to 3 ft wide.

Virtek Laser QC

Virtek Laser QC

LaserQC is the premier self-calibrating Laser Inspection system in its class. It will capture over 500 data points per second to make part inspections laser-fast and accurate to ± 0.002", right on the shop floor. We can quickly and easily quality check our production parts or scan customer samples for reverse engineering.