Welcome to N.E. Reihart

Founded by Newton Edgar Reihart in the early 1940's and continued by his sons, N.E. Reihart and Sons, Inc. is now operated by the founder's grandsons Jack and Rob. N.E. Reihart & Sons, Inc. is a steel fabricator and machine shop that has been producing high quality products for over 75 years.

From our customer's parts or ideas, we can reverse engineer, do the design work, produce drawings, machine, fabricate, and even install. We manufacture a wide range of products such as textile manufacturing equipment, molds for fiberglass parts, material handling equipment, light and heavy gauge ductwork, copper bus bars, steel ladders, bent or rolled parts, platforms, railings, intricate machined parts and so much more.

We stock a wide range of plate, sheet, and structural materials in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, but we often have other materials on hand as well [allowing a quick turn-around on many products].